COC: Martin Fritz takes second event in Otepää

23 January 2017 11:02
Martin Fritz on top also in Otepää
Martin Fritz on top also in Otepää -
Romina Eggert

An Austrian double victory concluded the Continental Cup weekend in Otepää, Estonia with Martin Fritz taking the top honours of the day. Finishing just one second before compatriot Tomaz Druml, Fritz won the event. 0.1 seconds divided Druml and Saturday’s winner and local hero Kristjan Ilves in an intense finish line sprint for the silver position.

Japanese Hisaki Nagamine dominated the jumping part of the day with by far the longest jump of 99 metres. 131 points put him 42 seconds ahead of runner-up, Harald Riiber from Norway who collected 93.5 metres and 120.5 points. Third on the start grid was Druml who had 46 seconds to make up on the leader, closely trailed by Ilves who started at the same time and Martin Fritz (+0:50).

The four pursuers closed the gap to the leader quickly and formed the leading group athletes for large parts of the race. On the last lap, Druml and Fritz tried to break away but Ilves fought his way back to the two Austrians. Norwegian Riiber lost contact to the leaders in this manoeuvre. Ilves had to fight hard to stay with the group but going into the final stretch, me mobilised all reserves to challenge Tomaz Druml for the second place. In the end a photo finish had to decide.

With a bigger gap to the first four, the rest of the Top Ten finished. Ryota Yamamoto captured rnak five, Lars Buraas was sixth and Michael Dünkel, Lukas Greiderer, David Welde and Jim Härtull completed the Top Ten. 16-year-old Wille Karhumaa from Finland surprised with a strong 13th rank.

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