COC: Norway dominates again in Ramsau

15 February 2015 15:45
The Norwegians fighting for the podium ranks in Ramsau
The Norwegians fighting for the podium ranks in Ramsau -
Local OC

It seems like 2014/15 is going to be the Continental Cup season of the Norwegian team. Once more, the Scandinavians did a full podium sweep and even placed five athletes in the Top Six, this time in Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria. The lucky winner was Espen Andersen who crossed the finish line first, 0.3 seconds ahead of teammate Gudmund Storlien and 0.7 seconds ahead of Sindre Ure Soetvik.

Evgeniy Klimov impressed once more in the jumping event, setting 100 metres on Ramsau’s HS 98 hill. With 129 points, the Russian went out on the cross-country track 2 seconds before fellow strong jumper, Fabian Steindl from Austria who landed at 96.5 metres (128.5 p.). Germany’s Tobias Simon also was among the top jumpers again with 96.5 metres and 125.5 points. He started 14 seconds after Klimov. Good jumping performances also came from Poland’s Szczepan Kupczak as well as from Norwegian Gudmund Storlien and local hero Franz-Josef Rehrl who held the intermediate positions four and a shared fifth rank, 28 and 30 seconds behind the leader Klimov.

The other Norwegians who were going for the top results ranked 10th (Soetvik +0:48), 23rd (O. M. Storlien +1:32) and 32rd (Johansen +1:46).

Ski Jumping Results

In the race, Fabian Steindl took the lead, closely followed by Evgeniy Klimov. The leading due was pursued by a group of four athlete including local hero Franz Josef Rehrl who the crowd was cheering for. At 5 kilometres, the leading group had extended to nine athletes including Austrians Rehrl, Steindl and Greiderer with Espen Andersen heading the field.

The finish couldn’t have been more exciting. In the last downhill,  the three Norwegians Andersen, Storlien and Soetvik were able to get away from the rest of the group and battled for the podium positions with Andersen having the best end in a finish line sprint. With the fastest cross-country time of 21:44.6, Truls Johansen also fought his way to the top group from a +1:46 time disadvantage but did not have the strength to fend off local hero Franz Josef Rehrl in a finish line sprint for the fourth position. Ole Martin Storlen completed the Norwegian gala result with rank six. The rest of the Top Ten positions went to Bernhard Flaschberger, Paul Hanf, Adam Cieslar and Lukas Greiderer.

Final Results

In the overall standings, Johansen is still in the lead with 411 points. Sindre Ure Soetvik follows on rank 2 with 371 points, Lukas Greiderer is third with 358 points. The Continental Cup circuit resumes with two competitions in Klingenthal, Germany next weekend.

Overall Standings