COC: Philipp Orter completes perfect weekend for Austria

10 February 2013 20:26
Orter AUT triumph
Orter AUT triumph -

Austria's Philipp Orter has won the home-Continental Cup in Eisenerz and completed a perfect weekend for the Austrian Ski Team. Like Christoph Bieler in the World Cup, Orter claimed a second and a first rank in the Contental Cup. He crossed the finish line first, 11,4 seconds ahead of yesterday's winner Andreas Günter (GER) and his teammate Johannes Wasel (+00:22).

Andreas Günter, who is currently holding the green Continental Cup leader bib was ranked first after the ski jumping part with a jump of 96,5 metres and a total of 129 points. Teammate Johannes Wasel jumped the same distance but with 128,5 points, this meant a 2-second advantage for Günter on the track. Mateusz Wantulok from Poland started at the same time as Wasel.

Winner Philipp Orter started into the cross-country race from a fifth position with a disadvantage of 6 seconds but with the fourth-best cross country time of 25:24.9, Orter was a few seconds faster than Günter who only delivered the sixth-best time. The fastest on the track was fellow Austrian Harald Lemmerer who improve a 17th rank after the jumping part into a total sixth place. In the end, the teams from Austria and Germany entered the Top Ten with four athletes each (Orter 1, Pichlmayer 4, Lemmerer 6, Greiderer 7 and Günter 2, Wasel 3, Firn 5 and Schuller 10). Only a Czech duo of Petr Kutal and Lukas Rypl could burst into this phalanx and claim the ranks eight and nine.

You can find the fill result list here.