COC: Seidl/Gerstgraser win Team Sprint in Klingenthal

21 February 2015 20:50
Mario Seidl & Paul Gerstgraser on top
Mario Seidl & Paul Gerstgraser on top -
Local OC

The Austrian duo of Mario Seidl and Paul Gerstgraser won the Team Sprint competition held at the COC in Klingenthal today. Gerstgraser finished 4.7 seconds ahead of Espen Bjoernstad for Team Norway I. Austria II (Brandner/Greiderer) came in third, 22.6 seconds after the leaders.

In the ski jumping round, Norwegian rising star Jarl Riiber had showed his jumping class once more and excelled with a jump of 141.5 metres after jumping the hill-record distance of 146.5 metres in the PCR yesterday. Together with Bjoernstad’s 112.5 metres, Norway I held 230.4 points and a 26-second-advantage on Team Germany I (Hanf/Simon) with 217.2 points. Ranking third with jumps of 119 and 199.5 metres were Simen Tiller and Harald Johnas Riiber of the second Norwegian team. They started 50 seconds after the leaders. The next positions went to the teams from Finland I (+1:12), Austria II (+1:18) and Austria I (+1:19).

Ski Jumping Results 

On the track, the athletes battled out the win in 5 2.5 km laps each, alternating between the two team members. Austria II finally earned the win with the fastest team time of 32:40.2 for the 2x 7.5 km. The Norwegian duo of Riiber and Bjoernstad was able to hold on to the lead until about one kilometre before the finish line but Espen Bjoernstad was not able to hold the fast skier Paul Gerstgraser back in the end. Germany I with Tobias Simon and Paul Hanf had been in the promising position two after the jumping but were overtaken by both Austrian teams in the end and lost out a finish line sprint to the French team Buffard/Martin.

Final Results