COC: Team Austria I wins Team Sprint in Chaikovskiy

12 January 2013 15:06
Team Sprint COC
Team Sprint COC -

Today, it was even more cold in Chaikovskiy:  the thermometer at the hill showed -25° C in the morning but brave and courageous COC athletes were not afraid of the frost and the cold actually became bearable during several hours in the day with only - 20°C.

The winner of the Team Sprint in Chaikovskiy was Team Austria I, consisting of Lukas Greiderer and Marco Pichlmayer who finished int he total time of 36:12.2. The second place went to team Germany I (Wasel / Günter) who crossed the finish line 6,2 seconds behind the winners. The third place went to team Austria II (Lemmerer / Brandner +0:11). Lukas Greiderer was beyond happy: "I like Russia very much. It's my first visit. Yes, it was the coldest place I've ever been but it did not prevent me from good perfomance." Second places Johannes Wasel agreed: it was really cold, especially for my fingers but I liked the hill and course. I really admire the Russian organizers."

After jumping on HS140 hill, the best team was actually Russia I with the result of 239.2 points,  followed by Austria I ( 230.9 p.), third Germany I (228.9 p.). The longest jumping distance of 130,5 metres  belong to Evgeniy Klimov from Russia.

Therefore, the first team to start in cross-country race was  Russia I but  Austria I  started only eight seconds behind and Germany followed 12 seconds later.  In the end, the Russian home team of Eveniy Klimov and Ivan Panin could not hold on to the lead and finished on rank six.  The best time during the individual Gundersen 10 km race was shown by Austria II  in 35:20.2.

You can find the full result list here.

Another Individual Gundersen race will take place a the last COC event of the Chaikovskiy Super Weekend tomorrow.