COC: Truls Soenstehagen Johansen wins second competition in Örnsköldsvik

10 March 2013 16:15
Pittin Johansen Övik
Pittin Johansen Övik -

After yesterday's Austrian triumph, the Norwegians returned to the top of the podium in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, today. Truls Soenstehagen Johansen won the competition in a photo finish against Alessandro Pittin who claimed his second second rank of the weekend. Austria's David Pommer came in third, 13,9 seconds after Johansen and Pittin.

In wintry -16 °C, the Frenchman Gautier Airiau had claimed the intermediate first position after the ski jumping part with a distance of 101,5 metres (137 p.) on the HS 100 hill, the longest jump of the day. This meant a head start of 18 seconds before Øystein Granbu Lien followed Airiau on the track. The Norwegian claimed the second position with 99,5 metres and 132,5 points before his teammate Sindre Ure Søtvik (98 m; 130 p.) who started 28 seconds after the leader.

Johansen and Pittin ranked 16th and 17th after the ski jumping with only two seconds separating the two athletes. They made up a time disadvantage of +01:42 and skied together until the winner had to be declared after a photo finish. With this, they claimed the fastest and second-fastest cross-country times. 

Johansen was beyond satisfied with his day: “Today, I got my revenge! I did well in the jumping and in most of the cross-country race yesterday too, but I fell in the last hill, which was a big disappointment for me. My tactic today was to go fast from the beginning since I was far behind the leaders. It worked well. Pittin followed me all the way to the finish. Before the finish line Pittin was very fast and strong, but I have been in good shape during the last couple of weeks and managed to get just in front of him."

Runner-up Alessandro Pittin, who had already been disappointed with his second rank yesterday, was also not too happy today: I tried to do my best before the finish line but I was not good enough. My legs still don’t feel that good after I have been sick and I could not do my best today. The jumping was a little bit windy today. I tried to do my best to do a good jump, but I didn’t show a good performance and I am not very happy with today’s jump."

In contrast to that, everything went according to plan for David Pommer: "It was great today, I really like it here. Yesterday, the cross-country race was completely different with a big group which I don’t like very much. Today everyone had to run on his own. That’s a lot harder and that’s what I like. Were going to Rovaniemi on Monday, but we will have an exciting night before that!"

You can find the full result list here.

The competitions in Rovaniemi are scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, a Team Sprint is planned, a regular Individual Gundersen on Saturday and on Sunday, the Continental Cup athletes will also get a chance to compete in a Final Individual Gundersen competitions with two jumps and a 15 km cross-country race.