COC: Vinzenz Geiger keeps on winning

14 February 2016 16:06
Vinzenz Geiger shares the podium with Tobias Simon and Tobias Haug
Vinzenz Geiger shares the podium with Tobias Simon and Tobias Haug -
Romina Eggert

Second day in Ramsau am Dachstein, second victory for German Vinzenz Geiger. Today, the 18-year-old spearheaded a German triple victory ahead of teammates Tobias Simon (+1.6) and Tobias Haug (+4.4).

The ski jumping result list was topped off by the two Tobiasses with Simon posting the best jump of the day with 99 metres and 133 points. Haug followed up with 96 meters and 127 points put him 24 seconds behind his teammate on the track. Polish Szczepan Kupczak proved his good jumping shape after his injury and held the intermediate third position with 95 metres and 125.5 points which meant a start 38 seconds after the leader Simon.

In the race, yesterday’s winner Vinzenz Geiger worked his way up to the top again from a fifth position which meant making up 40 seconds on Tobias Simon but also yesterday’s third-placed Lukas Greiderer was on the hunt for the top positions again but had to battle a one minute and six seconds-delay, coming from the ninth position after the jumping event.

Finally, it came down to the three Germans who divided the podium ranks among themselves with Geiger having the best end again. Lukas Geiderer came closer to the leading group but could not close the last gap in the end, finishing 20.7 seconds later. The rest of the Top Ten ranks went to Martin Fritz, Terence Weber, Thomas Jöbstl, Lars Burås, Arttu Mähiaho and Espen Bjørnstad. The fastest cross-country time of the day was set by Truls Johansen who improved a dismal 43rd intermediate rank to a final 14th position after having been disqualified yesterday.

Final Results
Ski Jumping results

For the overall ranking, Greiderer (AUT) was able to secure his lead over Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT) to 512 points over Rehrl's 496. Martin Fritz (AUT) currently holds the third rank with 473 points but Vinzenz Geiger now inched closer to 459 points. There are two more COC weekends left on this year's calendar: Chaux-Neuve (FRA) 5th and 6th of March and Klingenthal on the 12th and 13th of March.

Overall Standings