Double Alpencup victory for Paul Gerstgraser in Seefeld

06 January 2015 17:03
Two wins for Paul Gerstgraser in Seefeld
Two wins for Paul Gerstgraser in Seefeld -
Romina Eggert

Austrian Paul Gerstgraser had a triumph weekend at the Alpencup competitions taking place in Seefeld this Monday and Tuesday as a replacement for the date before Christmas which had to be cancelled due to the lack of snow. Gerstgraser won both the Individual Gundersen 10 and 5 km competitions clearly: On Monday he crossed the finish line 10.8 second ahead of teammate Bernhard Flaschberger and 15.9 ahead of Germany’s Terence Weber, on Tuesday 2.5 seconds separated him from Paul Hanf from Germany who claimed the second rank ahead of teammate Terence Weber.

Laurent Muhlethaler from France was awarded the title of „Man of the Day“for the best young athlete after both competitions. He finished 12th and 4th.

Man on the Day: Laurent Muhlethaler (FRA)

Muhlethaler reigned supreme as the best ski jumper of the field in both competitions. On Monday, he landed 106.5 metres on Seefeld’s HS 109 hill and with 128 points, this meant a 14-second-head start ahead of Vid Vrhovnik from Slovenia (105.5 m: 124.5 p.) and Germany’s Terence Weber and Philip Beikircher from Austria (107 and 105.5 metres;  both 124 p.). On Tuesday, Anton Schlütter claimed the second intermediate rank with 103 metres and 120 points which put him 12 seconds after Muhlethaler and 10 seconds before teammate Paul Hanf who landed at 101.5 metres.

The strong skiers Gerstgraser and Flaschberger held the intermediate positions 16 and 27 in the 10 kilometre race but with the second-fastest and fastest cross-country times (26:22.3 and 26:11.1), they were able to work their way through the field and claim the first two positions. Terence Weber held onto his third rank and defended it against teammate Dominik Schwaar who had been working his way to the front from rank 18. In the end, it was 0.1 seconds separating Weber and Schwaar as well as Italy’s Raffaele Buzzi and Antoine Gerard from France who fought for the sixth rank.

Final Results
Ski Jumping Results

After the race on the World Cup track with the feared „Willi-Denifl-turn“ had caused two accidents on Monday, it was changed for the 5 km event on Tuesday. Again, Paul Gerstgraser worked his way to the front from a 13th rank and made up 50 seconds of time disadvantage in the process. With 11:15.2 for the 5 km, Gerstgraser skied a very fast race on the modified track and took the win ahead of Paul Hanf who gained one rank, overtaking Anton Schlütter during the race. Terence Weber also improved from his intermediate sixth rank, claiming the remaining podium position by leaving Philip Beikircher, Maik Hanzlik and Anton Schlütter behind. With a good performance also during the cross-country race, Laurent Muhlethaler kept the contact to the leading foursome, finishing only 8.7 seconds after Gerstgraser and about 13 seconds before Maik Hanzlik who ranked fifth in the end.

Final Results
Ski Jumping Results

In the overall ranking, Paul Gerstgraser now leads with 340 points ahead of Bernhard Flaschberger (319) and Terence Weber (268).

Overall Standings