DSV Opening in Bischofsgrün: Victory for Kircheisen & team

24 June 2013 11:27
DSV Opening 2013
DSV Opening 2013 -

First test competition of the season and first win for old hand Björn Kircheisen at the Season Opening of the German Ski Federation in Bischofsgrün this past weekend.

As the highlight of the first German jumping camp, a team competition was on schedule in Bischofsgrün yesterday. One athlete of the German national team competed together with two youngsters in a jump event on Bischofsgrün's Ochsenkopfschanze and an ensuing roller ski competition on the brand new roller ski track at Fichtelberg.

Kircheisen, who had been taking the sixth rank after jumping together with his teammates Terence Weber and Jonas Welde managed to make up a 26-second time disadvantage on the track and crossed the finish line 2,9 seconds earlier than team Blaurock/Schwaar/Pfordte. Janis Morweiser, Jakob Lange and Philipp Schwer came in third, 11,7 seconds behind the happy winners.

Local hero Paul Hanf excited the visitors with a good result on the hill but was unluckily enough not able to start in the roller ski race due to a foot injury.

The German Ski Federation brought about 40 athletes to the Northern Bavarian region to kick off the jumping season 2013/14 and to bring the team together, giving the young athletes the chance to learn from their more experienced teammates.

"The team competition was a nice change but actually, we were here in the Fichtelgebirge-region to make the first jumps of the summer and train well and we definitely achieved that", coach Ronny Ackermann said to the local newspaper "Nordbayerischer Kurier". "The first unit was very satisfying. Everybody jumped on a stable level."

Final Result list

Result list ski jumping part

The colleagues of nordicjumpworld also took some pictures!

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