Dvorak and Weinlichova Czech Champions 2016

18 March 2016 10:55
Czech nationals podium 2016
Czech nationals podium 2016 -
Czech Nordic Combined Team

Miroslav Dvorak and Simona Weinlichova have taken the Czech national titles in Nordic Combined 2016. After the competition could not be held due to lack of snow in 2015, the Czech team leader defended his 2014 title with an advantage of two minutes and six seconds on Junior World Champion Tomas Portyk who took the Junior title with this result. Lukas Danek reached the third place, two minutes and 25 seconds behind Dvorak.

In the ski jumping round, jumping sensation Tomas Portyk had very surprisingly not hit his jump. With just 89 metres on Harrachov’s HS 100 hill, he started into the 10 km race as fifth only. „I was very motivated and wanted to present myself in the best possible light at home but it turned out less is sometimes more. I did not get my technique across at the takeoff and missed some metres“, the 19-year-old said.

Young talent Ondrej Pazout took the second rank in the jumping round with 92.5 metres and followed Miroslav Dvorak out on the track with a delay of 14 seconds after the team leader had shown 94 metres on the hill. In the race, Dvorak proved he is fully back from his health problems earlier in the winter and set the absolute best time of 26:15 for the ten kilometres."It was a tough race but in the end, I tried to realy step up the pace to see what it would do with me. And I found some strength. This title is a reward for a difficult season which did not at all begin well with my mononuleosis diagnosis. It's nice to find out that I am healthy and fit again", the winner said.

Portyk worked his way back on to the podium and the second place with the second fastest time (28:21) and Lukas Danek held his third rank in the race, having to let Portyk go but overtaking his teammate Ondej Pazout.

The Czech 2016 Ladies' Nordic Combined national podium


In the women’s class, the two participants Simona Weinlichova and Jana Mrakotova tackled the HS 100 hill together with the male participants and showed 58 and 74 metres. They raced a distance of seven kilometres which turned into a true ordeal as the conditions were very soft and mushy. In the end, Weinlichova finished the distance in 39:40, beating out her opponent by one minute and one second.

NC Czech Nationals 2016 final results

NC Czech Nationals 2016 SJ results