Dvorak takes another national title

20 July 2015 13:50
Dvorak claims the 2015 summer national title on the normal hill
Dvorak claims the 2015 summer national title on the normal hill -
Czech Ski Association

Czech team leader Miroslav Dvorak fulfilled his role as the favourite and won the summer national title on the normal hill in Liberec. After an intense fight with his up-and-coming young teammate Tomas Portyk that spanned over the jumping hill and all the way close to the finish, Dvorak prevailed in the end.

On the Jested HS 100 jumping hill, Portyk and Dvorak were the only two athletes showing jumps over 100 metres and with a total of 101 metres, Tomas Portyk held a small head start of 6 seconds over the favourite Dvorak who jumped 101.5 metres with slightly worse style marks. The intermediate rank three went to Jan Vytrval who landed at 93 metres and had one minute and eight seconds to make up on Portyk.

In the race, Portyk showed a good fight but was no match for Miroslav Dvorak’s cross-country strength in the end. But with a roller-skiing time of 24:41.2 for the 10 kilometres at the Jested roller-ski track, Portyk proved to be only 10 seconds slower than Dvorak who needed 24:30.9 for the distance and therefore narrowly claimed his title. Petr Kutal finished third, two minutes and 14 seconds after Dvorak.

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