Edelmann not starting in Lillehammer

20 November 2012 23:27
Tino Edelmann 3
Tino Edelmann 3 -

After having ruptured a ligament in his right ankle in the last training camp in Oberstdorf, Tino Edelmann will not be able to start in the first World Cup competition in Lillehammer on the upcoming weekend. "Tino has ruptured a ligament in his ankle about two weeks ago and has made his first jumps here again but he is still in pain", head coach Herrmann Weinbuch says. Edelmann will sit out the competitions in Lillehammer but probably be back on the hill and track in Kuusamo.

Edelmann's teammate Fabian Riessle, who broke his upper arm during the summer training, will also not be starting on the large hill and also leave out the hill in Kuusamo which is known for its difficult wind conditions. "Fabian is still a young athlete. He has to built some confidence back up first, we will not put him in any risk before that", Weinbuch explains.

Next to the experienced athletes Björn Kircheisen, Eric Frenzel and Johannes Rydzek, Weinbuch will be starting with a young team in Lillehammer. Manuel Faisst, Wolfgang Bösl, Janis Morweiser, Tobias Simon and David Welde have travelled to Norway and will get a chance to be considered for the German team in both events.

"We have been training in Lillehammer for a week now - with changing conditions. It is pretty warm and windy, so we weren't able to execute all training objectives 100%. The team isn't where it could have been at this point but I am still satisfied with the level of performances right now. The young athletes are gaining more and more ground on the experienced ones", Weinbuch summarises the last training days.  "The focus of the younger athletes will be to collect World Cup points and experiences. One or the other might also surprise with an excellent performance. Björn, Eric and Johannes - and later on hopefully Tino and Fabian, too, will always have to be taken into consideration for a top result."