Eero Hirvonen sidelined for Summer Grand Prix 2018

15 August 2018 17:49
Eero Hirvonen in Trondheim
Eero Hirvonen in Trondheim -

Since last fall, Eero Hirvonen's right knee patella tendon has an inflammatory condition. However, Hirvonen competed strongly during the winter season 2017/18. After the season, long rest and a rehabilitation period was expected to improve the injury. However, the inflammatory condition did not improve. He will now have to take time out from full training and is also sidelined for the Summer Grand Prix 2018.

"During the season, the situation did not get worse but did not improve even though the load was monitored and the training was changed. That is why in July a decision was made to radically reduce the burden and try to get the knee healthy by means of rehabilitation. There is nothing broken about the knee so surgery is not needed, "says long-term physiotherapist Jari Hiekkavirta, who is responsible for Hirvonen rehabilitation. 

In addition, the national team doctor Tuomas Mäkinen is closely involved in the process. The background team has consulted several doctors and specialists and provided Eero Hirvonen with the best possible care. 

The discomfort of the knee has been the result of long and hard strain and the recovery takes time. Hard workouts will not be possible for Hirvonen for at least two months and it is difficult to predict the final timetable for a return to competitions.

"Of course, the situation is not easy to prepare for winter, but at this stage, it is important to get the knee in order to be able to train and compete in the future. The rehabilitation and the application of training so far have not been a problem and the best solution to go back to full health was found. At the same time, I will be able to invest more in a variety of other exercises, which are given less time in normal training, "says Hirvonen.