Eric Frenzel claims the next 100 points in the overall World Cup

08 March 2013 15:42
Frenzel winner Lahti
Frenzel winner Lahti -

Eric Frenzel from Germany won the Individual Gundersen competition in Lahti today. He crossed the finish line 10,1 seconds ahead of Akito Watabe from Japan. They were joined on the podium by Watabe's teammate Taihei Kato who claimed his first podium of the season and finished 16,6 seconds after the winner.

After the ski jumping part, Haavard Klemetsen took the lead of the cross-country field. The Norwegian showed a strong jump of 126,5 metres which gave him 131,3 points and the a head start of 2 seconds on a Japanese duo consisting of Taihei Kato and Yoshito Watabe (+0:07). In the usual fashion, the strong jumpers from Japan delivered good jumps of 126 and 125,5 metres.

Eric Frenzel set himself up in a promising fourth position, just 9 seconds behind the leader Klemetsen and was one step closer to achieve his first overall World Cup win as his closest opponent Jason Lamy Chappuis didn't have a good try with only 113 metres. He started on the track with a disadvantage of 1:24. After a fall in the trial round, Slovenia's Marjan Jelenko did not start in the actual competition anymore. After the ski jumping part, Björn Kircheisen also had to concede to sickness and will be travelling home.

In the cross-country race, Eric Frenzel quickly closed the gap to the leading group consisting of Klemetsen, Yoshito Watabe and Taihei Kato. The Norwegian was not able to keep his position in the group and had to let the German and the two Japanese go while Akito Watabe worked his way to the front from an 38-second disadvantage. Frenzel and the three Japanese skied together for more or less the whole race until the German attacked on the last lap and none of the other athletes were able to follow. Nevetheless, the Japanese team completed a really good team result with the final ranks two, three four and eleven.

A chasing group consisting of USA's Bryan Fletcher, Johannes Rydzek, Tino Edelmann, Haavard Klemetsen and  Tino Edelmann were not able to close the gap to the leading group and shared the Top Ten ranks among them in the end. Norway's Joergen Graabak skied the fastest cross-country time and improved from a 35th rank after jumping to a final 17th place.

You can find the full result list here.

The next competition is on schedule tomorrow when a Team Sprint is planned for the athletes. The ski jumping part starts at 11:00 and the race is on at 16:00 local time! (CET+1).