„Eric-Frenzel-Schanzen“ inaugurated at Geyer

01 July 2014 11:33
Eric Frenzel Schanzen at Geyer
Eric Frenzel Schanzen at Geyer -

A big honour for Olympic Champion Eric Frenzel: he now has three jumping hills named after him. SSV Geyer, the ski club of Frenzel’s hometown has inaugurated the new „Eric-Frenzel-Schanzen“, three training hills from 4 metres and upward, this past weekend.

„This is my home, I have grown up here and this is where I have first trained“ , a beaming Eric Frenzel told German TV station MDR at the occasion. „That these hills sport my name now is a big honour and makes me very proud. I am very happy that my hometown and my home club is supporting me in this great way.“

For the ski club, this event also marks the comeback after the neighbouring river had flooded the outrun area in the big floods plaguing Eastern Germany last year. With the considerable support of sponsors and the flood help, the club was able to obtain a new modern carpet covering the outrun which can be removed quickly should new floods threaten the area again.

Ski Club president Jens Anders: „We are overjoyed that we were able to reconstruct our hills now, one year after the terrible flood, and they are looking better than ever. It’s a big joy.“ 

You can find a photo album of the event here.