Ernest Yahin sweeps titles at Russian summer nationals

20 September 2016 12:47
Ernest Yahin wins ahead of Niaz Nabeev and Konstantin Abramov
Ernest Yahin wins ahead of Niaz Nabeev and Konstantin Abramov -
Ekaterina Trubnikova

The Russian Nordic Combined team had a busy weekend in Chaikovskiy where the national championships from the normal and large hill were held on the 16th and 18th of September. Ernest Yahin underlined his position as team leader and best of the Russian Nordic Combined athletes by winning both events with clear margins.

Normal hill / running event

The event held on Chaikovskiy’s HS 100 hill saw Yahin impose himself on the top of the jumping result list with a jump of 98 metres (120 p.) which put him a comfortable 52 seconds ahead of second-placed Timofei Borisov (93 m; 107 p.). Niaz Nabeev was third with 88.5 metres and 98 points.

In cross-country part which was held as a 7.5 km running event, Yahin took his victory into the finish with the third-best time, wrapping up 26.8 seconds earlier than fastest athlete Samir Mastiev (28:07.7). Mastiev worked his way up from the intermediate fifth position. Timofei Borisov held on to a podium position by finishing +2:46.0 after Yahin.

NC Russian summer national 2016 NH SJ results

NC Russian summer national 2016 NH final results

Large hill / roller-ski event

As two days before, Yahin was also the best ski jumper on the large hill. 112.6 points gave him a 28-second lead on Konstatin Abramov for the 10 kilometres of roller-skiing. Youngster Abramov was not up to holding more experienced athlete Niaz Nabeev back on the roller-ski trak but captured a respectable third position in the end, one minute and 39 seconds behind winnner Yahin. There was no discussion about Yahin’s victory whatsoever as the 25-year-old even extended his time advantage of 51 seconds at the start to a final one minute and three seconds.

NC Russian summer national 2016 LH final results