Ernest Yahin wins big at Russian nationals

01 April 2016 12:07
Russia's Ernest Yahin
Russia's Ernest Yahin -

It was an intense competition period in Chaikovskiy where the Russian national championships 2016 were held in the Individual Gundersen, Team and Team Sprint formats in the course of last week.

Most successful athlete of the three competitions was World Cup starter Ernest Yahin who took the title in the Individual Gundersen event ahead of Niaz Nabeev and Viacheslav Barkov. Also in the Team Sprint, Yahin came away with a gold medal, this time joined by his Bashkortostan teammate Damir Hinsertdinov. They beat out Niaz Nabeev and Ivan Panin from the Tatarstan region and Nikita Oks and Timofey Borisov from Moscow.

Only in the Team Event, Yahin had to be satisfied with a bronze medal instead of a gold one as his team from Bashkortostan (Hinsertdinov, Gabitov, Yahin, Zaynullin) had to concede defeat to the teams from Tatarstan (Nagovicyn, Ponomarev, Nabeev, Panin) and Moscow (Ovsyannikov, Abramov, Oks, Borisov).

Russian Nationals TE 2016

Russian Nationals IG 2016

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