Eventful week for Nordic Combined Norway

13 August 2014 15:38
Kombinertskole 2014
Kombinertskole 2014 -
Nordic Combined Norway

An eventful week cumulating in a big Norges Cup weekend in and around Trondheim is past Nordic Combined Norway’s athletes of all ages. As customary in summer, it was time for the annual „Kombinertskole“. About 30 young athletes from 10 years upwards met up at Trondheim for multiple days of jumping and roller-ski training as well as competitions.

First competition day at Knyken

On the past Friday, all of the young hopefuls and also Norwegian A and B team members met up at Knyken to battle out the winners of the first competition day on Knyken’s K 68 hill. In the A class, jumping expert Thomas Kjelbotn took the intermediate rank one with a jump of 73.5 metres. He was followed by Jan Schmid with 72 and Harald Riiber with 72.5 metres who set out to pursue Kjelbotn with time behinds of 20 and 24 seconds.

On the 10-kilometre roller-ski track, it was the time of the strong cross-country skiers with Magnus Krog, Joergen Graabak and Magnus Moan storming around the course to take the three podium positions. With a time disadvantage of one minute and 35 seconds, Krog showed an impressive performance and set the fastest time on the track with 24:38 for the 10 kilometres. All three podium athletes finished within one second of each other. Ranks four to six went to Estonian brothers Han Hendrik and Kail Piho on ranks four and six and Emil Vilhelmsen on rank five.

Return to Granaasen

On the following day, it was time to return to Trondheim and take the battle to the HS 105 hill at Granaasen. In the A-class, Jan Schmid showed off his good jumping shape once more and claimed rank one after the jumping part with 95 metres. Only Christian Ingebrigtsen had a longer jump of 95.5 metres but was one point behind Schmid in the total calculation. Thomas Kjelbotn held rank three with a jump of 93 metres.

For the running race which the athletes of all classes completed together, this meant a four second advantage for Jan Schmid over Ingebrigsten and 16 seconds over Kjelbotn. In contrast to the previous day, Schmid was able to hold on to a top position this time and finished second, 33 seconds after Olympic Champion Joergen Graabak who set the fastest time on the 10 km track (30:39) and made up six ranks to his final victory. Rank three went to the previous day’s winner Magnus Krog who finished 01:19 after Graabak. Thomas Kjelbotn, Harald Riiber and Christian Ingebrigtsen claimed ranks four to six.

Result list Knyken
Result list Norges Cup Granaasen

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