Experience personified: Björn Kircheisen

06 June 2014 15:33
Experience personified: Björn Kircheisen
Experience personified: Björn Kircheisen -

With 216 World Cup starts under his belt, Germany's veteran Björn Kircheisen can well and truly be called "experienced". The 31-year-old just had a positive surprise when the confirmed calendars for the 2014/15 season were published: his favourite venue is on the list again. Which one? Find out in today's edition of "Experience personified"!

What would you say is the main difference between Nordic Combined when you started with it and Nordic Combined as it is today?

I think the biggest difference between back then and today is that the level of performance by the top stars of the sport is much closer together than in the past. The development of the discipline and also of the equipment has changed a lot!

How do you view the development of the sport these days?

I have the feeling that Nordic Combined has gained a lot of attractiveness in the past few years. We are also getting stronger and stronger in the media. In total, I think it's a positive development.

If you had one wish for the future of Nordic Combined, what would it be?

If I had one wish… well, it would be nice if we had World Cups in Japan and the USA again. But actually part of my wish has just come true as we are returning to my favourite venue of Sapporo in the next winter.

Something you have always wanted to say in an interview?

Hmm, maybe "There is nothing to say!" (laughs)

Do you have any plans for after your active career?

After my active career I would like to work as a coach. But there are no  detailed plans yet.

Björn Kircheisen Facts

Favourite venue
As I said above, my favourite venue is Sapporo, Japan. I am very excited that we are returning there in the next winter.

Favourite format
It's the traditional 2 jumps, 15 km cross-country race format. Great that we still have it on the calendar from time to time.

First World Cup start: 10.02.2001 in Liberec, Czech Republic
First World Cup podium: 21.11.2001 in Kuopio, Finland (rank 2)
World Cup starts: 216
World Cup victories: 16
World Championship podiums: 19
Olympic medals: 4