Experience personified: Sebastien Lacroix

23 May 2014 11:18
Experience personified: Sebastien Lacroix (FRA)
Experience personified: Sebastien Lacroix (FRA) -

With 31 years, the old hand in the French team has seen it all: from the highest peaks of success (winning the World Championship title with the team) to his not-so-successful season 2013/14. In the next edition of "Experience personified", it is Sebastien Lacroix's turn to reflect on the past, present and future of Nordic Combined.

What would you says is the main difference between Nordic Combined when you started with it and Nordic Combined as it is today?

Like Magnus and Willi said in previous editions of "Experience personified", the level in Nordic Combined is so much closer now than ten years ago. To be on the podium, you have to be strong in both sports. Ten years ago, you could go on the podium if you were very good in one discipline and medium in the other.

How do you view the development of the sport these days, especially also in regards to Ladies Nordic Combined?

I think it's nice that FIS is trying to open Nordic Combined to girls  but I think it will not be easy and take some time to get strong and interesting competitions. On the men's side, I think that we could find some other, different interesting formats. The Individual Gundersen is nice but we might have to find one other individual format to make the overall World Cup more important and diverse. The Team Sprint is a very good way to develop our sport!

If you had one wish for the future of Nordic Combined, what would it be?

My wish would be that our sport becomes more popular around the world with more nations in the competitions. As we can see, a lot of nations don't have enough money to have Nordic Combined athletes or even to compete! You can see that happening with the US team right now.

Something you've always wanted to say in an interview?

No, nothing special.

Do you have any plans for after your active career?

Yes. I think i would be very happy if I could work in customs as bike rider.

Sebastien Lacroix Facts

Favourite venue:
I really like going to Kuusamo because the hill is perfect for me and I like cold conditions!

Favourite format:
My favourite format is  the Team Sprint because it's tactical, fun and very nice to watch for the audience, a lot of action.

First World Cup start:
10.02.2001 in Liberec, Czech Republic
First World Cup podium: 01.12.2012 in Kuusamo, Finland
World Cup starts: 140
World Cup podiums: 1
World Championship victories: 2
Olympic Games starts: 6