TT - Fabian Riessle: "We are getting in stride, slowly but surely."

18 December 2012 16:30
Fabian Riessle Ramsau
Fabian Riessle Ramsau -

After his quite successful weekend with a third place in Ramsau am Dachstein, in this edition of TUESDAY TALK, chatted with German talent Fabian Riessle about the upcoming home World Cup in Schonach, his injury in summer, the performance of the German team and the favourite song on his ipod.

Next up, we have Schonach as the first home World Cup for the German athletes. In how far is a home World Cup different for you?

Fabian Riessle: Yes, it is a little different when all your loved ones are there, like family and close friends. You're definitely more in the centre of attention. In my case, I live really close to Schonach and as a true Schwarzwälder, it would be really nice to present a top result to the home crowd.

Do you prepare in any special way over Christmas now?

Riessle: No, not really in a different way. You try to take it as any other World Cup too. I am not the type of person to make big announcements like "I want to be on the podium" before the event. I simply go there and wait and see what the result will be like in the end.

The German team did not have the best start into this season. What have been goals you set for yourselves in regards to the team performance this winter?

Riessle: We have all wished for a better start but maybe we also were a little unlucky in regards to the conditions and so on. But I think, the whole team has set the World Championships as a goal anyway, that's the big topic this year. We're getting into our stride slowly but surely now and I am quite optimistic we will have good World Championships again this year.

There was also quite a negative response by the media about your season opening. Is that something that drives you on and makes you want to show the world what you can really do or is this something you try to block out in a way?

Riessle: For sure, there is some kind of pressure being created by the media. But you cannot let it get to you too much. In some way it also gives you motivation. We know we are a strong team, we have the abilities to present top results. I think sooner or later, we will also be able to show it in the competitions.

How about your injury, you broke your upper arm in late July while training on the hill in Courchevel. Is that still something that's influencing you when you're jumping now?

Riessle: That depends on the conditions and the hill. Sometimes, I let it influence me a little still, because a fall like that is not so easy to put behind you completely. But it will be fine for the future.

Completely different question: with which song to you motivate yourself the most when listening to it on your ipod?

Riessle: Oh wow… I can't really tell right now. Actually, I am listening to a lot of stuff. Definitely something a little more in the rock corner, I guess. That's simply the best. (laughs)