Faisst claims second Junior World Championship gold

25 January 2013 14:31
Faisst JWC II flower ceremony
Faisst JWC II flower ceremony -

German athlete Manuel Faisst has won his second junior world champion title in Liberec. After the 10 kilometre Individual Gundersen race, he also dominated the 5 km competition today. Theo Hannon from France (silver) is rejoicing over his very first medal in a top world event. The bronze medal goes to Kristjan Ilves from Estonia.

The opening competition of the Nordic Combined on Wednesday was followed by an Individual Gundsersen Competition consisting of one jump on HS 100 hill and a 5 km cross-country race today.

In the ski jumping round, Kristjan Ilves from Estonia, who was in 10th position in the first competition, jumped 97.5 m and started the afternoon cross-country with a 2-second lead ahead of Theo Hannon from France. Evgeniy Klimov from Russia showed the third best performance. Manuel Faisst from Germany, the winner of the Wednesday’s competition, started from a fourth position again, with a time-penalty of 20 seconds behind the leading Estonian. 

The afternoon 5km cross-country part was decided in favour of the German favourite Manuel Faisst who repeatied Wednesday's victory and claimed the second junior world champion title in Liberec. "It seems that Liberec is made for me. My jump today, however, was not that good. Starting 20 seconds behind the leader into a 5 km race is not easy but I planned to move up to him within the first lap. The race was pretty hard and my legs hurt very much but I am so happy now", the happy winner said.

Theo Hannon from France who also had also been second in the current standing after the ski jumping held onto his positon and took the silver. The bronze medal was being fought for until  right up to the finish and in the end went to the Estonian Kristjan Ilves, who had been leading after the ski-jumping part. Theo Hannon: "I was disappointed about my jump, so I was really surprised about ranking that good after the ski jumping part. Today the weather was so beautiful during the race and I tried to do my best. Of course I am absolutely satisfied!"

Estonian Kristjan Ilves, who was repeating his teammate Han-Hendrik Piho's success from Wednesday, was overjoyed: "Finishing on the podium for the second time here in Liberec is awesome! The race was really hard but I my skis were perfectly prepared, so I knew that I can do it!"

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