Finnish team ready for the Summer Grand Prix

22 August 2013 20:46
Ilkka Herola
Ilkka Herola -

Two days before the start of the Summer Grand Prix, the Finnish team is done with a last training camp in Klingenthal and getting into the Summer Grand Prix spirit: "During the camp we have had three jumping sessions as well as three workouts for the cross-country section to get ready for the summer competitions", head coach Petter Kukkonen explains.

The team for Oberwiesenthal, Villach and Oberstorf will consist of Janne Ryynänen, Ilkka Herola and Mikke Leinonen.

"Technically the athletes are on a good level", Kukkonen says. "Currently, we are very much looking forward to getting a comparison to the other nations. It's exciting to see where the level is and what will be happening in those races. Of course, we would like to be close to the top."

Finnish top athlete Ilkka Herola has been working on his weaker cross-country performance in particular and is now ready to see where his new abilities take him: "Every race is a challenge of it's own. The aim is to get some good results and some race practice. The summer competitions are more of a training, though, the larger goals are waiting in the wintertime."