Finnish World Cup Opening home team announced

24 November 2014 11:12
Ilkka Herola & Janne Ryynänen
Ilkka Herola & Janne Ryynänen -

Head coach Petter Kukkonen has nominated the following athletes to start in the first competitions of the winter season:

- Ilkka Herola
- Matti Herola
- Janne Ryynänen
- Leevi Mutru

„Janne and Ilkka are familiar names“, head coach Kukkonen commented his choice. „Matti Herola will get his first task on the national team and Leevi Mutru is also an interesting case. He is the same age as Ilkka, born in 1995 and has been a special jumper until 2010. After that, he has changed disciplines and it has been great to follow his change of attitude. It all culminated in his performances this autumn which made him worthy of a place on the national team.“

The national group will consist of Arttu Mäkiaho, Eetu Vähäsöyrinki, Jussi Salo and Mikke Leinonen.

„The national group is a good team and will challenge the national team athletes. Eeto Vähäsöyrinki has suffered from the flu for a long period and is back now. It will be interesting to see what this guy is capable of.“