FIS Inspection at Oberwiesenthal’s Fichtelbergschanze

11 August 2014 16:45
Inspecting the facilites at Oberwiesenthal: Rehahn, Slavik and Riedel
Inspecting the facilites at Oberwiesenthal: Rehahn, Slavik and Riedel -
OC Oberwiesenthal

One year has passed since FIS has had a look at the large Fichtelbergschanze in the Summer Grand Prix resort of Oberwiesenthal. At this time, the renovation and reconstruction of the jumping hill was not finished and a temporary certificate was issued for the competitions of the SGP 2013.

Prior to this year’s Summer Grand Prix, this situation was set to change after the hill was finished in the course of the year. Kurt Rehahn, president of the WSC Erzgebirge e.V., and his substitute, Peter Riedel of Peter Riedel GmbH, met up with FIS jumping hill committee representative Josef Slavik from the bordering country Czech Republic last Friday to conduct the inspection of the finalised facility.

“The FIS-Inspection proceeded without big declarations and I think all involved can be very happy with how the project jumping hill was handled and finalised here at Oberwiesenthal. Now the task is to bring one of the most modern hills imaginable to life and to keep the facility in this state and in good conditions for the years to come,“  Peter Riedel concluded after the inspection.

The first highlight on the completed Fichtelbergschanze will be the FIS Summer Grand-Prix from 22nd till 24th August 2014.