Fun training session on Segways for Team Austria

06 August 2014 20:48
Enjoying the nature around Seefeld: Team Austria
Enjoying the nature around Seefeld: Team Austria -
Nordic Combined Austria

For ten days, the Austrian Nordic Combined team took up residence in Seefeld to focus on ski jumping in extensive session on Innsbruck’s Bergisel hill and in Stams in the mornings. Roller-skiing on Seefeld’s roller ski track occupied the afternoons to hone technique and endurance of the first two training groups.

To not have fun and playfulness come up short, head coach Christoph Eugen planned one day of Segway session for the athletes and attending media. An obstacle course had been set up in Seefeld’s Casino Arena which the athletes mastered courageously after a short adaptation phase. „It was great fun“, youngster Harald Lemmerer reported afterwards. „At first we were a bit careful but then, the competitive streaks came out and there was the one or other race on the course.“

Also for Christoph Eugen, riding a Segway was a completely new challenge: „It is important that fun and regenerating are not neglected in such an intensive course as we are having right now. The athletes had fun and you could see that it definitely requires some coordinative skills at the beginning. We will not have it in our training plans in the future but it was a ver welcome change.“

Eugen’s team will stay in Seefeld until the end of the week before this summer’s highlight, the FIS Summer Grand Prix is on schedule from August 22nd till 30th. 

Find some photos of the day here.