Geoffrey Lafarge wins last COC competition in Chaikovskiy

14 January 2013 12:15
Lafarge winner COC Chaikovskiy
Lafarge winner COC Chaikovskiy -

Another day with difficult weather for the organisers in Chaikovskiy as it was snowing heavily and very windy in the morning of Sunday's Individual Gundersen competition but at noon the weather became better and the jury decided to start with the jumping.

The winner of third Nordic Combined COC event in Chaikovskiy was Geoffrey Lafarge (FRA) with a total time of 28:35.5. While his teammates competeted at their home events in Chaux-Neuve, Lafarge crossed the finish line in Russia 2,5 seconds earlier than Alexander Brandner (AUT) who secured the second place. Right after the taste of the home crowd, the third place went to Russia's Ivan Panin (+5,5 sec).

Like quite many times in the World Cup these day, a Japanese was dominating the ski jumping part of the competition. After jumping on the HS140 hill, the best was Shun Yamamoto (125.5 m, 115.2 points). He was followed by a pair of Russian athletes: Ivan Panin (122 m, 110 p.) and Ernest Yahin (Russia, 118.5, 108 p. ), the longest jumping distance of the day also belonging to Shun Yamamoto from Japan.

Yamamoto started in the 10 kilometre cross-country race first, followed by Ivan Panin 21 seconds later and Ernest Yahin 52 seconds later. The best time during the individual Gundersen 10 km race was shown by Jeoffrey Lafarge who was only 18th after the jumping and successfully fought for the first place.

You can find the complete result list here.

All three podium candidates were asked to describe their visit to Chaikovskiy in three words. Here are the results:

Jeoffrey Lafarge: cold, cool, well organized!
Alexander Brandner: cold, cool, hot!
Ivan Panin: normally cold, hard, podium!