German Ski Federation names teams and coaches

08 May 2014 16:46
Sochi 2014: Team Event
Sochi 2014: Team Event -

After it had become clear some time ago that the coaching structure in the German team would stay the same with head coach Hermann Weinbuch overseeing the training of his success squad including Olympic Champion and overall World Cup winner Eric Frenzel as well as World Cup runner-up Johannes Rydzek, the German Ski Federation announced the training goups and their responsible coaches today.

As in the last years, Hermann Weinbuch will be supported by assistant coaches Ronny Ackermann and  Kai Bracht as well as cross-country coach Holger Bauroth.

Athletes of the training group Ia are:
- Tino Edelmann (A)
- Eric Frenzel (A)
- Björn Kircheisen (A)
- Fabian Rießle (A)
- Johannes Rydzek (A)
- Manuel Faißt (B)
- Tobias Haug (B)
- David Welde (B)
- Jakob Lange (C)

The responsible coach for the training group 2b is Klaus Edelmann, supported by Nico Reichenberger who will be taking care of the following athletes:

- Philipp Blaurock
- Wolfgang Bösl
- Janis Morweiser
- Paul Hanf
- Tom Lubitz
- Dominik Schwaar

Sepp Buchner is staying on as main coach for the junior section.

Please find the full team list here. (Zielpfad: /Leistungssport/Mannschaftslisten/Mannschaftslisten 2014/2015)