Germans victorious in the Team Event in Sochi

03 February 2013 14:03
Germany winner Sochi
Germany winner Sochi -

Team Germany won the Team Event in Sochi, Russia today. Manuel Faisst, Björn Kircheisen, Johannes Rydzek and Eric Frenzel crossed the finish line 2,7 seconds ahead of the runners-up from France (Sebastien Lacroix, Francois Braud, MAxime Laheurte and Jason Lamy Chappuis). The team from Austria (Wilhelm Denifl, Tomaz Druml, Lukas Klapfer and Bernhard Gruber) also made the jump onto the podium as they finished third, 9,3 seconds after the winners.

The teams from Austria and Germany had a close fight in the ski jumping round with the Germans having the better end. Together, Rydzek, Kircheisen, Faisst and Frenzel achieved 481,3 points which meant a head start of 4 seconds on team Austria. Denifl, Klapfer, Druml and Gruber piled up a total point score of 478, 3.  Team France claimed an intermediate third rank. Laheurte, Lacroix, Braud and Lamy Chappuis reached 476,9 points which meant a time disadvantage of only six seconds behind the leaders from Germany.

The best jumps per group were made by Wilhelm Denifl (136,5; 123,3 p.), Björn Kircheisen (135,5 m; 129,1 p.), Tomas Slavik (132 m; 126,9 p.) and Taihei Kato who had the longest jump of the day with 137,5 metres and 126,8 points. On the whole, the field started the cross-country race quite close to each other as the Norwegians landed just 14 seconds behind the Austrians, Japan and the Czech Republic followed at 25 and 30 seconds back. 

In the cross-country race, the teams from Germany, Austria and France quickly formed a leading group on the first lap which skied together for more or less the whole race. The team from Norway did not manage to close the 14-second gap on the leaders and finally finished fourth, 17,5 seconds after the Germans.

In the third leg, Björn Kircheisen tried to get away from the group by attacking on the long uphill. He successfully passed on about 7 seconds of time advantage to Eric Frenzel for the last lap but Jason Lamy Chappuis managed to close the gap again so that Germany and France entered the stadium at the same time. On the last metres, Frenzel was the stronger skier and decided the race in favour of the Germans. Austria's Wilhelm Denifl wasn't fully able to hold Lamy Chappuis and Frenzel's pace, so his team finished third.

You can find the full result list here.

The next competitions are on in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Two Individual Gundersen competitions will be held on the next weekend as the last competitions before the World Championships in Val di Fiemme.