Germany sweeps podium at Oberwiesenthal

24 August 2014 14:37
Total podium sweep for Germany: Frenzel, Rydzek & Kircheisen
Total podium sweep for Germany: Frenzel, Rydzek & Kircheisen -
Sandra Volk

Team Germany ruled supreme at today’s Individual Gundersen competition in Oberwiesenthal with Johannes Rydzek taking the win and Eric Frenzel and Björn Kircheisen completing the podium on ranks two and three. Rydzek put 3.7 seconds between himself and local hero Eric Frenzel, Björn Kircheisen finished 6.8 seconds after Rydzek.

Local hero Eric Frenzel had been in the lead after the ski jumping part on his home hill, the HS 106 Fichtelbergschanze. With 103 metres and a total of 118.9 points, Frenzel took the first place in the intermediate ranking ahead of Austrian veteran Christoph Bieler who proved once more that he is a top jumper of the field with his 104.5 metres. With 118.4 points, he started just two seconds after Frenzel in the roller-ski race. Fellow veteran Håvard Klemetsen from Norway held onto an intermediate third rank with 104 metres and 116.8 points which meant 8 seconds of time behind.

Johannes Rydzek underlined his good shape from yesterday’s Team Sprint with another jump over 100 metres (101.5; 114.5 m) and started 18 seconds after Frenzel. Czech youngster Tomas Portyk cemented his reputation as an excellent jumper with 99 metres and rank five, followed by a strong Björn Kircheisen who set himself up with 26 seconds of time behind on Frenzel. The longest jump of the day, however, went to Russian sensation Evgeniy Klimov who landed at 106 metres but couldn’t stand his jump and fell back to a 30th rank.

Today’s jumping round was interrupted briefly by some wind breaks and also the overall ranking was further apart than in the Team Sprint. Only the first ten athletes started within one minute of each other. Strong skiers Alessandro Pittin, Magnus Krog and Jørgen Graabak had weaker jumps but formed a dangerous group at the back of the field with time behinds of +2:00, +2:12 and +2:31. But in the difficult conditions with rain and hail at the beginning of the race, the first three ranks were up for grabs between the first four athletes only.

The three Germans Rydzek, Frenzel and Kircheisen and Austrian Christoph Bieler formed a leading group in the second round which stayed together for the whole race. In contrast, for Superstar Jason Lamy Chappuis things went well on the roller-ski track and he improved an intermediate 12 rank to a final fifth position. But in the fight for the victory, Johannes Rydzek proved to be a hard athlete to beat on the final metres again and took the win from his teammates Frenzel and Kircheisen who pushed Austrian Christoph Bieler off the podium. Young Czech Tomas Portyk proved his good shape once more and finished sixth.

Now, the Nordic Combined athletes will travel to Villach, Austria for one more Individual Gundersen competition on Wednesday.

You can find the full result list here.
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