Germany on top after the ski-jumping session

02 March 2013 10:19
Edelmann Val di Fiemme
Edelmann Val di Fiemme -

Eric Frenzel and Tino Edelmann bring Germany on top after the ski-jumping session of the Nordic Combined Team sprint HS134/2x7.5 km. Once again, Frenzel showed the best jumping shape on the large hill of Predazzo and recorded the longest jump of the day with 127 meters. Combined with the very good performance of his team-mate Tino Edelmann, Germany will start the corss-country race with 12’’ on Japan (Akito Watabe and Taihei Kato) and 25’’ on Austria (Bernhard Gruber and Wilhelm Denifl). France (Jason Lamy Chappuis and Sebastien Lacroix) is fourth at 43’’, while Norway (Mikko Kokslien and Magnus Moan) is fifth at 52’’.

Once again the Japanese jumpers proved to be among the best on the large hill of Predazzo and opened very well with Akito Watabe, who landed at 123.5 meters with very good technique. His performance was challenged by the good jump of Bernhard Gruber (AUT), who landed at 123 meters and took an intermediate second position, 3.1 points behind Japan. The best performance though was shown by the last jumper of the session, Tino Edelmann (GER), who was able to bring Germany in a solid first position with 1.6 points advantage on Japan.

The second session of jumping featured a great performance by Marjan Jelenko, who brought Slovenia on top for many minutes, until the jump of Pavel Churavy which, with 120 meters, put the Czech Republic in first position. The Czech leadership was challenged by the jumps of Magnus Moan (NOR), Sebastien Lacroix (FRA) and Wilhelm Denifl (AUT), who resisted the attack of Czech Republic and kept their respective positions. The same did Taihei Kato (JPN), who landed at 126 metes and set the longest jump so far of the entire race, highlighting once again the great skills of the Japanese jumpers on the large hill of Predazzo.

Then, once again, Eric Frenzel (GER) proved to be the best jumper right now in the entire Nordic Combined field and showed a jump that  was 1 meter longer than Kato’s 127 meters, giving Germany a solid leadership and the chance to start the cross-country race with 12’’ on Japan, 25’’ on Austria, 43’’ on France and 52’’ on Norway.

You can find the full result list here.

The start of the 2x7.5 km cross-country race is due at 15:00 in Lago di Tesero, after the 30 km CT for ladies.