„It’s my goal to make history in this sport!“

TUESDAY TALK: Eric Frenzel (GER)

05 August 2014 10:19
Eric Frenzel and his Olympic gold
Eric Frenzel and his Olympic gold -

After an amazing season 2013/14, Germany’s superstar Eric Frenzel is in for some changes in the upcoming season. In TUESDAY TALK, the 25-year-old reflects on the time after Sochi, his new life choices and the big goals he has set for himself as an athlete.

Eric, how are you doing these days? Did you get out of the crazy media frenzy after winning the Olympics okay?

Eric Frenzel: Yes, I am doing very well at the moment. Of course it was a little bit crazy after the Olympics with more attention and more PR dates but there was not much time to take a breather anyway. Right after the season, I had my second sergeant training from mid-March till the end of May and it was important to me to finish this properly.

On top of that, I decided to start studying industrial engineering after Sochi, so I have been doing that Monday till Wednesday. At the beginning of May, training started again. I was able to squeeze in one week of holidays with my family, though.

Your head coach Hermann Weinbuch stated in an interview that the this season will be kind of a break year for you with a lower intensity in your training program so that you are able to focus on other things like your army training, studying and your family. How do you like it so far?

Frenzel: I though I would gain some time by this but actually I am even more busy because of my studies and in general, it just have more commitments after Sochi. But so far, It was okay to handle and I am really glad to have some more time for my family in between. I really enjoyed the one week of holiday we got in!

How are your preparations going with these multiple work loads? How would you judge your level of performance right now?

Frenzel: There will be some performance tests coming up in the summer, so then I will be able to tell on which level I am now. I feel fit and I think I was able to take my level from the winter into the summer… but we will see, at the first Summer Grand Prix competition in Oberwiesenthal at the latest.

Do you feel as good as you did during the last season, physically and mentally?

Frenzel: I was considerably weakened in the cross-country party by this sickness I caught in Sochi and which I carried through the last few World Cups. Nevertheless, I was able to fulfill a childhood dream by coming home with a gold medal from Sochi. After the season, I was able to have some downtime, so I got over the sickness completely and was back to being fit and healthy quite soon.

Which goals have you set for the upcoming World Championship season? Do you like the hills in Falun?

Frenzel: The World Championships definitely are the focal point of the season. We were able to test the normal hill during last season, with the large hill we will have to wait and see. What I definitely like are the cross-country tracks in Sweden. They are very truncated which is good for me. I am very much looking forward to this event. In an individual sport like Nordic Combined, winning is always the goal.

You have already won nearly everything there is to win in Nordic Combined: you are World Champion, overall World Cup winner and Olympic Champion. How are you still able to motivate yourself to go on?

Frenzel: Well, the Schwarzwald-Pokal trophy from Schonach is still missing! (laughs) Apart from that, we were quite unlucky when it came to team events in the past few years, so this is one of my most important goals which I will be targeting at the World Championships in Falun but also at the Olympics 2018 in PyeongChang.

So PyeongChang 2018 is a topic for you?

Frenzel: I am a comparatively young athlete, I still have some years left. As long as I do have the potential and deliver top results at the World Cup level, I will go on to train and hopefully to take part in the competitions. It is my goal to become one of the legends of the sport, to make history. Looking at my level of performance in the past few years, there can be no other goal.

Interview courtesy of www.nordische-kombination24.de
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