Graabak keeps on winning at Norwegian nationals

30 March 2014 17:35
Podium Nationals Spring 2014
Podium Nationals Spring 2014 -
Nordic Combined Norway

After his triumph at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, gold medallist Joergen Graabak has added two Norwegian national titles to his growing list of merits.

In Friday's Penalty Race, Graabak and Magnus Moan reenacted the Olympic result with Graabak finishing four seconds ahead of Moan. The third place went to Haavard Klemetsen who crossed the finish line nine seconds after Graabak.

In the ski jumping part, Christian Ingebrigtsen had taken the lead after a great jump of 100 metres and so he started with a 10 second headstart on the rest of the field who followed with the number of penalty laps according to their jumping result. With 98, 97.5 and 97 metres, Haavard Klemetsen, Harald Riiber and Jan Schmid managed to steer clear of any penalty laps. For Magnus Krog, Joergen Graabak, Jarl Riiber and Magnus Moan it was 2 penalty laps each, Espen Andersen, Lars Erik Eriksen, Audun Hokholt, Tommy Schmid and Gudmund Storlien had to go three laps and for the rest of the 31 starters, it was four or five penalty laps respectively.

Joergen Graabak proved to be the strongest skier in the end, narrowly beating out fellow Granaasen Ski Team members Magnus Moan and Haavard Klemetsen for the top spot on the podium. Jan Schmid and Magnus Krog finished fourth and fifth, followed by Truls Johansen who managed to make up 11 places with four penalty laps to go on the track, ranking only 17th after the ski jumping part.

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On Saturday, a team competition was on schedule and as it was expected, the team from Troendelag took home a favourite win. Joergen Graabak, Magnus Moan and Jan Schmid finished a whopping 56 seconds ahead of Team Hedmark consisting of brothers Gudmund and Ole Martin Storlien and Truls Johansen. Rank three went to the team from Akershus with Audun Hokholt, Lars Buraas and Espen Andersen who had managed to beat out Team Oslo on the last lap for the podium finish.

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