Green light for Lahti Ski Games

23 February 2018 14:38
Impressions Nordic Combined LH Gundersen Lahti 2017
Impressions Nordic Combined LH Gundersen Lahti 2017 -

While the Olympics are not quite over, the focus already shifts back to the next Nordic Combined World Cup events in Lahti. Snow Controller Tami Kiuru sent a positive report about the snow conditions, so that the competitions will go ahead as planned.

“The snow situation is excellent, and the hills are in profile in winterly Lahti. The snow base is mainly human-made snow with latest layer shot in the middle of January. The snowpack is mixed with some natural snow, all compressed with snow roller.”

“According to the weather forecast, cold temperatures will remain in Lahti until the event. During the ten days prior the day temperatures are mostly around ten minus degrees, some days the temperature drops even lower. The snow depth in the Lahti area is circa 35cm,” Kiuru concluded his report.