Haavard Klemetsen claims next PCR win

20 December 2013 12:32
Haavard Klemetsen wins Schonach-PCR
Haavard Klemetsen wins Schonach-PCR -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

Haavard Klemetsen took the victory in the Provisional Competition Round in Schonach. The Norwegian set the longest jump of the day with 103 metres and claimed a seven-second-lead on this winter's most successful athlete so far, Eric Frenzel. The German jumped 101 metres and with a total of 124,3 points, this meant a final second rank. Japan's Akito Watabe also proved his good shape once more by jumping 100 metres which would mean 9 seconds of time behind on Klemetsen, should the PCR be taken into account in case of bad weather.

Behind this "club of one hundreds", young Russian Evgeniy Klimov took rank four, closely followed by Jason Lamy Chappuis on rank five, who is also in a good position for a race with only 29 seconds on Klemetsen. Local hero Manuel Faisst claimed a good fifth rank, followed by the three Austrians Denifl, Gruber and Bieler.

German veteran Björn Kircheisen seems to have worked on his ski jumping as he returned to the upper part of the result lists with a jump of 98 metres, which meant rank 17. Teammate Tobias Simon, who just returned from the Universiade in Trentino also had a good try with 97,5 metres (rank 15).

The unlucky 13 who did not make it into tomorrow's competition, as the PCR acted as a qualification at the same time were Todd Lodwick, Mitja Oranic, Armin Bauer, Janis Morweiser, Ernest Yahin, Miroslav Dvorak, Brett Denney, Tomas Slavik, David Welde, Kail Piho, Taylor Fletcher, Mattia Runggaldier and Fabian Riessle from Breitnau in the Black Forest which the home crowd greatly regretted.

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