Han-Hendrik Piho new Estonian champion

10 September 2012 18:00
Piho Han Hendrik
Piho Han Hendrik -

The Estonian summer championships took place in Otepää on HS100 hill and in Tehvandi stadium on the last weekend. Han-Hendrik Piho claimed the title ahead of Karl-August Tiirmaa and Kristjan Ilves. Piho who ranked third after the ski jumping part with a jump of 103,5 metres, delivered the fastest roller-ski time (0:23:04) and won clearly 01:06 minutes ahead of Tiirmaa (107 m; 0:24:10) and 01:53 minutes ahead of Ilves (110 m; 0:24:57).

The Estonian Nordic Combined athletes were joined by two athletes from Latvia, so on the whole 12 athletes took part in the competition.

You can find the complete result lists here

Report and winner interview (Estonian)