Midtsundstad first-ever female Norwegian national champion

09 March 2016 10:16
Hanna Midtsundstadt is the first female Norwegian national champion in Nordic Combined
Hanna Midtsundstadt is the first female Norwegian national champion in Nordic Combined -
Nordic Combined Norway

On the occasion of the International Women's Day on 8th of March, the first-ever official Norwegian national championships for Ladies were held in Tolga and the first champion is called Hanna Midtsundstad. The 16-year-old beat out Anna Odine Strøm by nine seconds. The third place went to Gyda Westvold Hansen who finished 55 seconds after Midtsundstad.

Silje Opseth who topped the result list also in the special ski jumping event had been in the lead but chose not the start in the cross-country race later on, so it was Anne Odine Strøm who went out on the track first after a point total of 248.1 gave her a 39-second head start on Midtsundstad who accumulated 224.3 points in the jumping round.

Tonje Bakke took the third starting position in the race with 216.7 points, starting just one second after Midtsundstad. In the race, however, the later winner set the fastest time by far. She needed nine minutes and 14 seconds for the 3 kilometres and overtook Strøm on the way to the historic title. The second fastest time (09:56) came from Gyda Westvold Hansen who captured the remaining podium spot coming from the fifth starting position. Thea Øihaugen finished fourth, Tonje Bakke fifth and the remaining sixth and seventh positions went to Mari and Marte Leinan Lund.

Final Results

"It's a big honour to win the first-ever national championship for ladies in Nordic Combined", the winner said after the race. "I feel so privileged. I am very satisfied with my ski jumping, I got two good jumps. I am not in an amazing cross-country shape right now but I was racing in a bubble. I was so stiff in the end but managed to keep my opponents off my back."