Hannu Manninen planning comeback for Finnish nationals

28 March 2016 17:15
Hannu Manninen
Hannu Manninen -

Big news from Finland: as urheilulehti.fi reports, Nordic Combined legend Hannu Manninen is planning a comeback for the upcoming Finnish Championships in Taivalkoski. The 37-year-old finished his career in the spring of 2011 and has not made any jumps since then.

„I did not have any jumps in the last five years“, Manninen is quoted. „The aim is to go to Ounasvaara on Wednesday to put this to rights. In terms of the skiing, I raced the 60 kilometres of the Arctic Circle race and it was just fine but of course the pace of the competitions in Taivalkoski is a mystery. Hopefully I can compete with the Top Ten“, he continued.

With his participation, Manninen does not pursue any further sportive goals and first and foremost would like to try and give Nordic Combined more visibility. „The head coach, Petter Kukkonen, asked me a some time ago if I would do it and I agreed to join the competition. I have informed the club to put my name on the start list and now I’m going to have fun competing with the younger athletes.“

The Finnish national championships will take place in Taivalkoski next weekend and of course the results will be reported here on fis-ski.com.


Tervetuloa Hannu Taivalkoskelle! #ncteamfinland

Posted by Nordic Combined Team Finland on Sunday, 27 March 2016


Noniin, saahaan SM- kisoihin kovakin nimi!

Posted by Ilkka Herola on Saturday, 26 March 2016