Hannu Manninen wants to return to the hills

15 June 2014 14:37
Hannu Manninen flying
Hannu Manninen flying -

To say the most important thing first: there is no Nordic Combined comeback in the works for Finnish superstar Hannu Manninen but he can't stay away from the jumping hills entirely, as YLE reports.

Since the end of his active career in 2011, the 36-year old has not made a single jump but still spend a considerable amount of time on cross-country skis. "My Combined career is a thing of the past", Manninen says "but I would like to try out my old skills just for my own pleasure. I do not dare to jump a normal hill anymore, I need to be at a smaller hill to get used to the feeling again before returning to a normal hill. But I believe I can get some more good jumps in."

Also when it comes to coaching, Manninen is not keen to return to the highest level of the sport. "I have a lot of small children who I coach and I like to spend time with my family. I am happy to coach to get more children excited about the sport of Nordic Combined. I don't necessarily see myself in the national team coach's role."