Hausenberg and Ilves take Estonian summer titles

19 September 2017 10:04
Kristjan Ilves takes the summer title 2017
Kristjan Ilves takes the summer title 2017 -

The Estonian Championships in Nordic Combined were held in the soon-to-be World Cup venue of Otepää on the past weekend, and internationally renowned athletes Triinu Hausenberg and Kristjan Ilves took the titles. 

In the three-woman field, Hausenberg was the strongest athlete, setting the best jump with 69 metres (61.5 p.) and the best cross-country time of 16:48 for the 5 km roller-ski distance. Added up, this meant a secure finish 53 second ahead of runner-up Annemarii Bendi, who had started ten second after Hausenberg. Carena Roomets took rank three, three minutes and 31 seconds behind Hausenberg.

In the men’s category, COC-winner Kristjan Ilves has a similarly uncontested win, finishing one minute and 34 seconds ahead of Han Hendik Piho. Karl-August Tiirmaa was third, crossing the finish line two minutes and twenty seconds after Ilves.

Ilves ruled supreme in the jumping part, 98 metres (129.5 p.) giving him a 46 second advantage on Tiirmaa at the start line. Youngsters Markkus Alter and Robert Lee held the intermediate positions three and four (90 and 86 metres, 112 and 101 p.) but had to concede defeat to Han Hendrik and Kail Piho, as well as Andreas Ilves in the race.

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