Herola and Hulkko win Finnish summer nationals

19 September 2015 14:44
Ilkka Herola in Vuokatti
Ilkka Herola in Vuokatti -

It was another win for Finnish team leader Ilkka Herola who claimed the top spot on the podium in today’s Finnish summer national championships which were held in Vuokatti. Herola won in a dominating fashion, putting one minute and 14 second between him and second-placed Marcus Torni. The remaining spot on the podium was taken by Mikke Leinonen who finished one minute and 28 seconds later than Herola.

Herola had laid the foundation for his success already in the jumping part which put him on top of the results table already. With 103 metres and a point total of 134.5 points, Herola went out on the track first, four seconds ahead of Torni. The youngster, however, was not able to match the pace of Finland’s top athlete and therefore it was a lonely race for Herola until he finally crossed the finish line after 12 kilometres of roller-skiing. Arttu Mäkiaho, who had claimed rank three after the jumping was not able to hold on to his podium position and ended up on rank 5, being overtaken by Leinonen and Matti Herola.

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Hulkko falls right before the finish line, still wins junior category

It was an adventurous day for Mikko Hulkko who claimed the win in the junior category. After ranking third in the jumping event with 89.5 metres and a time disadvantage of 48 seconds on Henri Kavilo, he started the 8 kilometre roller-ski race in third position. Kavilo claimed the top spot on the intermediate results list with a 95-metre jump and 121 points. In the race, however, he was no match for his advancing teammate. Catching up to and overtaking FIS Youth Summer Grand Prix winner Perttu Reponen, Hulkko finally also left Kavilo far behind by setting the fastest time of the day with 22:52.0 for the 8 km.

In the end, Hulkko even crashed three metres before the finish line but still took an undisputed win, 25 seconds ahead of Kavilo and 29 seconds ahead of youngster Reponen.

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Posted by Stefan Karjalainen on Saturday, 19 September 2015