Herola continues to reign in summer competitions

24 July 2016 15:00
Ilkka Herola on top at Vaskiyhdistetty
Ilkka Herola on top at Vaskiyhdistetty -
Nordic Combined Finland

Herola, Mäkiaho and Leinonen were the three names on the podium at the annual Finnish „Vaskiyhdistetty“ in Lieksa. Herola collected the victory with the best jumping score and the best roller-ski time and crossed the finish line with a 48-second advantage.

After two jumps on the K 55 hill, Ilkka Herola headed the list with a total of 139.8 points after 56.5 and 58 metres. This result put him 6 seconds ahead of teammates Atte Kettunen and Vili Laukanen who both had 137.7 points to show for (56.5 and 56.5 and 56 and 57 metres). Jussi Salo followed on the fourth rank, another ten seconds after Kettunen and Laukanen.

On the roller-ski track in Lieksa’s centre, Arttu Mäkiaho, Mikke Leinonen and Leevi Mutru worked their way to the head of the pack to the delight of the numerous spectators. Starting on ranks eight and seven, the trio overtook a number of skiers ahead of them, setting the second-fastest, fourth-fastest and third-fastest cross-country times respectively. In the end, Mäkiaho managed to get a gap to his competitors and took the second rank and Leinonen and Mutru fought for the third position with the better end for Leinonen (+01:02.0). Youngster Wille Karhumaa reached a strong sixth position out of sixteen starters, one minute and five seconds after Herola.