Hirvonen and Kettunen Finnish summer national champions

24 September 2016 20:15
Eero Hirvonen takes the Finnish summer national title 2016
Eero Hirvonen takes the Finnish summer national title 2016 -
Lahden Hiihtoseura

In the absence of team leader Ilkka Herola who still suffers from an injury to his hand, team youngster Eero Hirvonen has taken the Finnish summer national title in the senior category in Lahti today. Hirvonen’s counterpart in the junior category was Atte Kettunen, the FIS Youth Cup winner from Oberstdorf.

Strong jumper Hirvonen had taken the lead at half-time of the competition with a jump of 125.5 metres (130.6 p) and a clear one minute and two second-advantage on number two, Leevi Mutru who had landed at 117.5 metres. Ilkka Herola had 116.5 metres and 113.4 points to show for which equalled a one minute and nine second-handicap for the team leader.

In the end, it was barely 0.5 seconds which seperared Hirvonen from Mutru at the finish line but the youngster managed to keep the upper hand and take the title for himself. Jim Härtull completed the podium, finishing one minute and 31 seconds after Hirvonen.

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Kettunen-victory in the junior category

In the junior category it was Atte Kettunen who took the title in a similar fashion to Hirvonen. Jumping to 95.5 metres on Lahti’s HS 100 hill, Kettunen had a lead of 4 seconds on closest pursuer Otto Niittykoski (93 m; 120 p.) and ten seconds on third-ranked Mikko Hulkko.

Kettunen skied a strong race on the track in Hollola, claiming the victory with a clear margin of 41.3 seconds in the end, beating out Niittykoski for the win. The brothers Wille and Waltteri Karhumaa claimed ranks three and four, one minute and 41 and 48 seconds after the winner.

Ski Jumping results
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