Ilkka Herola claims Finnish national summer title

08 September 2013 09:12
Ilkka Herola summer national champion 2013
Ilkka Herola summer national champion 2013 -
Nordic Combined Finland

Finnish Nordic Combined shooting star Ilkka Herola has another title under his belt. The 18-year-old form Siilinjärvi is the new summer national champion in Finland, his brother Matti Herola was taking the second place and Ville Heikkinen coming in third. Janne Ryynänen was not starting and chose to focus on training in Rovaniemi instead.

After the ski jumping part, Herola was already 26 second in the lead by delivering a good jump of 114,5 metres which gave him 111,2 points. His brother Matti Herola followed with a point value of 104,7 and Ville Heikkinen who went out on the track 30 seconds after Ilkka Herola accumulated 103,7 points.

In the end, Herola reigned supreme by also setting the fastest cross-country time with 21:17.1 for the 10 kilometres of roller skiing in Lahti. He crossed the finish line a clear 35 seconds ahead of brother Matti and a whopping 1:00.2 ahead of Ville Heikkinen.  

With an overall tenth place in the Summer Grand Prix, Ilkka Herola was happy with his summer so far: "I have left the Summer Grand Prix with good feeling. My results were better than last year and I have definitely made a step forward in my skiing. Today, my jumping was very good but I am now a little bit tired. The cross-country part was still good, I have not lost anything of my shape after the Summer Grand Prix"  

In the age category U 20, Eero Hirvonen won ahead of Marcus Torni (+39,5) and Leevi Mutru (+1:17,8).

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