Ilkka Herola claims Finnish national title

29 March 2014 00:00
Ilkka Herola
Ilkka Herola -
Sandra Volk

Finnish team leader Ilkka Herola has claimed the second consecutive national title at the Finnish Championships in Rovaniemi on the past weekend.

With 127.6 points, Herola had ranked second after the ski jumping part, only being beaten by local hero Ville Heikkinen who accumulated 128.5 points and went out on the track first but was quickly overtaken by Herola who finally won with a clear margin on 16.5 seconds. Arttu Mäkiaho finished second, starting from a fourth rank after ski jumping and Herola's brother Matti claimed the remaining spot on the podium, finishing 17.7 seconds after Ilkka and only 0.1 seconds before unlucky fourth Eero Hirvonen who he beat out in a finish line sprint.

The fastest cross-country time of the 13 participants came from Jussi Salo who needed 23:36.1 for the ten kilometres and improved from an intermediate tenth rank to a final sixth position.

Ilkka Herola was happy with his success but also relieved to be able to relax for some time from now on: "It is great to finish the season with this result but I am also relieved that the season is over now. The body is beginning to be tired and it is good that I will now be able to go on vacation."

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