Ilkka Herola takes competition in Vuokatti

16 July 2014 22:37
Ilkka Herola in Vuokatti
Ilkka Herola in Vuokatti -

Finnish team leader Ilkka Herola dominated the Finlandia Veikkaus Cup competition held at Vuokatti this week. Ranks two and three went to Jim Härtull and Leevi Mutru.

Herola had already been in the lead after the ski jumping part with a jump of 94 metres which gave him an intermediate amount of 119 points. Leevi Mutru had the only other jump over 90 metres on Vuokatti’s HS 100 hill with 92 metres and 116 points which meant that he went out on the roller-ski track 12 seconds after Herola. The intermediate third place was held by Jim Härtull who jumped 87 metres (105 p.) and started the race 56 seconds after the leader Herola.

On the track, there was no discussion about who would take the victory at any point: Ilkka Herola set the fastest time on the track with 25:54.0 for the 12-kilometre roller-ski track. He finally crossed the finish line a whopping one minute and 27 seconds ahead of Jim Härtull who managed to overtake Leevi Mutru on the way. Mutru finally finished +01:36 after Herola. Rank four went to Herola’s brother Matti, Marcus Torni and Arttu Mäkiaho finished fifth and sixth.

In the junior class, Wille Karhumaa clearly won ahead of Vili Laukkanen and Rasmus Ähtävä.

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