Ilkka Herola wins Summer Challenge in Vuokatti

14 July 2016 10:19
Summer Challenge 2016
Summer Challenge 2016 -
Nordic Combined Finland

The Finnish Nordic Combined Team’s training activities included a running and roller-skiing competition during their camp in Vuokatti and team leader Ilkka Herola had to battle fierce competition from his teammates but in the end, the 21-year-old prevailed.

Youngster Eero Hirvonen showed a convincing performance in the 4 km running race which he completed in 13:02 minutes, narrowly beating out Ilkka Herola who finished two seconds later. Leevi Mutru was the third runner in the finish with a time of 13 minutes and 11 seconds.

The running competition was followed by a roller-ski race of approximately 3 kilometres later that day with the finish on top of Vuokattinvaara. Again, Herola and Hirvonen faced off with the better end for the more experienced athlete: with a roller-ski time of 9 minutes and 45 seconds (22:49 total time), Herola finished three seconds ahead of Hirvonen who crossed the finish line at a total of 22:51. Mutru defended his third place with a total time of 23:46, Matti Herola, Jim Härtull and arttu Mäkiaho completed the Top Six of the 18 competitiors.

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