Ilkka Herola wins Summer Challenge in Vuokatti

03 August 2017 07:47
Ilkka Herola best in Vuokatti
Ilkka Herola best in Vuokatti -
Nordic Combined Finland

Right after coming back from a training camp in Oberhof, Germany, the Finnish team held the so-called “Summer Challenge 2017” in conjunction with a big Nordic Combined week in the venue of Vuokatti. Before the FIS Youth Cup weekend will give the floor to the young athletes, the A and B teams started in a combined cross-country run and uphill roller-skiing race to find the winner of this year’s Summer Challenge.

Ilkka Herola won the combined ranking by setting the fastest time in the running race. He covered the distance of 4 km in 13.08 and started first on the tough 3 km of uphill roller-skiing. A time of 10.17 had him complete the challenge in a total time of 23.25, over 30 seconds faster than runner-up Atte Korhonen. Arttu Mäkiaho was third with a total time of 24.19.

The fastest time in the roller-skiing part was set by Eero Hirvonen, who was the only athlete to stay below 10 minuted with 9.55. As he didn’t start in the running race, he did not have any chance in the combined ranking.

Final Results (Finnish)