Jørgen Graabak claims today's Norges Cup win

30 June 2013 14:49
Graabak Schmid Norges Cup
Graabak Schmid Norges Cup -

It has been a good weekend for Jørgen Graabak who managed to hold onto rank one today after his second place yesterday. Jan Schmid ranked second (+0:47), just ahead of youngster Jarl Magnus Riiber (+0:50).

In the ski jumping round on Midstubakken, the national team athletes were outperformed by a number of the younger athletes:  15-year-old Jarl Magnus Riiber took the top position with a jump of 101 metres which meant 131,1 points. Christian Ingebrigtsen claimed the intermediate second rank with a jump of 102 metres (126 p.). Tommy Schmid followed with 97 metres and 122,1 points. Of the more known names, Jan Schmid had the best jump which took him to an intermediate fifth rank, Jørgen Graabak followed on rank six. Mikko Kokslien and yesterday's winner Magnus Krog only jumped 86 and 85 metres, ranking 17th and 18th after the jumping part.

Riiber started into the 10-kilometre running race with a time advantage of 20 seconds on Ingebrigsten and 36 seconds on Tommy Schmid but had no chance against the fulminant total time of 25:56 which Jørgen Graabak set. With this fastest time of the field, Graabak made up 1:12 during the race and took the win. Jan Schmid jumped onto the podium by setting the fourth fastest race time with 26:50, making up a 1:06 time disadvantage from the jumping part. Riiber held onto a podium place although he only had the 10th fastest running time. He still crossed the finish line 19 seconds earlier than Sindre Pettersen who finished fourth.

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