Jason Lamy Chappuis final winner of the season

16 March 2013 13:47
Podium Final Ind. Gun 2013
Podium Final Ind. Gun 2013 -

Jason Lamy Chappuis has won the final race of the season 2012/13, a Final Individual Gundersen race consisting of two jumps and 15 kilometres of cross-country skiing. The Frenchman grabbed the victory in another finish line sprint 0,4 seconds ahead of his closed adversary, overall winner Eric Frenzel. Wilhelm Denifl from Austria ended up third, 1,5 seconds after the winner.

After the ski jumping part, Japan's Taihei Kato claimed the top spot. He showed two strong jumps of 128,5 and 126 metres which gave him the top result of 246,4 points. Teammate and fellow jumping expert Yoshito Watabe delivered another good jumping performance after his career-first podium yesterday and achieved 239,2 points (127,5 and 122 metres). This meant 29 seconds of time disadvantage for the race. Overall winner Eric Frenzel once again set himself up very promisingly after a great jumping performance with two jumps of 129 and 127,5 metres (237,9 p.). He followed 34 seconds behind Kato.

Mario Seidl from Austria also did not disappoint and claimed another good fourth rank after the ski jumping and, together with the Top Three, was the only athlete starting with a time disadvantage of within one minute. Yesterday's runner-up Akito Watabe held an intermediate seventh rank (+1:12) and had the chance to ski together with Jason Lamy Chappuis who ranked eighth (+1:16). The fast skiers Magnus Moan, Mikko Kokslien and Taylor Fletcher had a very hard race ahead of them with time disadvantages of +3:00, +3:29 and +3:40.

In the long race, which consisted of a 5-kilometre loop up to Frognerseteren and a 2,5-kilometre loop around the stadium, so there was a lot of action on and around the course with a lot of spectators all the time. Eric Frenzel closed the gap to the leading Japanese athletes Taihei Kato and Yoshito Watabe quickly and for some time, these three skied together until Wilhelm Denifl made up a 1:01 time disadvantage from the start. The winner, Jason Lamy Chappuis caught up with this leading group after approximately half of the race when a bigger group of seven athletes formed in the lead. In the end, the race had to be decided by a finish line sprint in which Lamy Chappuis had the better end due to a smart attack on the last uphill in the stadium.

Akito Watabe and teammate Kato weren't fully able to hold onto the winning trio in the end and finished fourth and fifth. The strong skiers Moan, Kokslien and Fletcher didn't manage to make up enough time in the end to challenge the leading group but improved their positions from 23rd to 11th (Fletcher), 20th to 13th (Kokslien) and 18th t 12th (Moan).

You can find the full result list here.